Photo © Knut Bry

Photo © Knut Bry


Visual Effects Supervisor/Animation Supervisor/Graphic Designer

Growing up in Geilo, Norway, Arne showed an early interest in film, spending several days a week at the local cinema. Sci-fi and Horror films, his favorites. Design & Art Direction were Arne’s focus in school. He accepted an internship at Geilo Printing & Advertising while still in middle school and eventually graduated as an Art Director from Westerdals School of Communication. Arne began working his way up from Graphic Designer to Art Director at several prestigious Art and Fashion Magazines, winning design awards along the way. He was ultimately recruited by ELLE Magazine.

Arne struck out on his own forming AKDesign doing design and artwork for record companies and music festivals, etc. Including award winning graphic design, motion graphics and TV commercials, using 3D art, animation and visual effects.

With his interest in 3D Animation, Arne enrolled in Animation Mentor, the first online Animation Diploma Program founded by professional animators in California. He excelled in the program and soon found himself recruited by Double Negative in London, working as a Character Animator on projects such as Guillermo del Toro’s “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”.

The filmmaker’s of “Kon-Tiki”, the critically acclaimed Foreign Academy Award® nominee, directed by Espen Sandberg & Joachim Rønning eventually came calling, and Arne’s skills in Animation, Visual Effects and Design were just what the film needed. Arne’s freelance career in Visual Effects was launched and he received an Amanda Award for the VFX, the equivalent to the U.S. Academy Award® for Norway, setting a new bar for Scandinavian visual effects. Arne was soon in demand and followed “Kon-Tiki” with Co-VFX and Animation Supervising the film “Ragnarok”, another film featuring terrifying water creatures.  Arne received his second Amanda Award in Visual Effects for “Ragnarok”.  Arne next consulted on “The Wave”, another water thriller from Norwegian Director, Roar Uthaug (“Tomb Raider”). His work was not going unnoticed and the team on Universal Pictures’ “Everest” by Director Baltasar Kormakur, recruited him as their On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor, and Arne trekked with them on location to capture photography needed for the Visual Effects work.

The “Kon-Tiki” directors soon came calling again and requested Arne’s input on their next Hollywood project, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Arne contributed to the design and prep of the film. A valuable experience introducing him to tentpole filmmaking from the start, including working with top pre-vis talent. 

Arne has since been in demand as a leading VFX Supervisor in Norway. Projects include “The Last King”, directed by Nils Gaup, which was picked up by Netflix after its box office release, and starred Kristofer Hivju (“Game of Thrones”). Next came “The King’s Choice”, directed by Erik Poppe. It was chosen as the Norwegian Entry for the 2017 Academy Awards® and garnered another Amanda Award for Arne. Other projects include “The Ash Lad”, and “The 12th Man”. Arne is currently back working with Director Espen Sandberg on the film “Amundsen”, based on the famous expeditions by Roald Amundsen to the North and South Poles. The film was chosen by the Norwegian Film Fund for backing and should prove to be another incredible story by these gifted filmmakers. 



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Amanda Awards (Norwegian Academy Awards): 
Winner: Best Visual Effects
- The King's Choice

Amanda Awards (Norwegian Academy Awards): 
Winner: Best Visual Effects

Amanda Awards (Norwegian Academy Awards): 
Winner: Best Visual Effects